2020 Revelstoke Three Valley Gap GPS Poker Ride


From the Revelstoke ATV Club: Over the last few days, our club has had numerous discussions regarding the fate of this summer’s Three Valley GPS Ride. 

Difference between a Poker Ride and a GPS Ride

The major difference between a Poker Ride and the GPS Ride – with a Poker ride everyone follows the same route while with the GPS ride everyone builds their ride route based on the location of the markers that they have to find.  Therefore with the GPS Ride, the Revelstoke ATV Club thinks it is easier to maintain social distancing. 

Event considerations

  • The Revelstoke ATV Club is still hoping to hold the GPS Ride as planned on the weekend of July 11 and 12.   
  • The Revelstoke ATV Club will continue to accept registrations with the early registration fee of $35 per rider and regular registration fee of $45.  
  • Should the Revelstoke ATV Club have to cancel the GPS ride because of the COVID virus or Provincially related COVID restrictions they will do a 100% refund of all ride related fees.  
  • The Revelstoke ATV Club will start putting out markers as weather, snow and COVID conditions permit.  While putting out the markers we will maintain social distancing.  With time limitations they may not be able to place the optimum number of markers nor to their usual extent.
  • The Revelstoke ATV Club may have to revise the procedures for selling the hands to facilitate social distancing – for example they may opt to pre-sell hands and pre-print the pre-sold hands or they may start selling hands early on the Friday to help with social distancing.
  • The Revelstoke ATV Club think that mid-June is the latest date for the club to make the go / no go decision.
  • With the difficult business climate our club will not be asking “local” businesses for participation prizes – rather they ask that all members and guests support their local businesses as appropriate for the circumstances.  Therefore there will be a very limited number of participation draws compared to prior years.
  • Conditions may necessitate a change in the ride prize format

As conditions evolve the Revelstoke ATV Club will post any changes to their thinking regarding the GPS Ride

Event / club contacts and information

Please contact Al at 250-837-4582 or [email protected] or visit the Revelstoke ATV Club at http://www.revelstokeatvclub.com/

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