Club Profile: Hudson Bay Trail Riders


Sledders have a lot to say about the exceptional sledding in Hudson Bay. The destination has been declared SnoRiders’ SledTown ShowDown Provincial Champions for Saskatchewan for two years in a row, and their third victory overall since the contest began in 2015.

The Hudson Bay Trail Riders maintain quality trails that roll over a variety of terrain with plenty of new and inviting warm-up shelters along the way. With the ability to ride right from your accommodations to anywhere in town, this snowmobilers’ paradise is one worth exploring again and again.

Here’s everything you need to know to sled Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.

How many kilometres of trails does Hudson Bay have?

670 kilometres

What are Hudson Bay’s top trails/riding areas?

210P Wildcat Hill Wilderness area
TC210A Pasquia Hills
210A to Moose Range Lodge
210F to Larry’s Place Shelter

Interactive trail map

A map of Hudson Bay’s trail system.

Hudson Bay has an extensive trail system.
Photo courtesy Rick Dolezsar

How do I get to the staging area?

There are staging areas throughout town and along Railway Avenue or near the Treeline and Norwood Motels. It is not necessary to travel out of town to a staging area.

Is there enough room at the staging area for trucks with big trailers?


Is it plowed regularly?


Do trail fees apply to all your trails/riding areas? If so, how much are the trail fees?

Saskatchewan trail fees are included with your Saskatchewan snowmobile registration and insurance and are currently $110.

How much is it for an annual membership?

Annual club memberships are $20 per person or family.

Snowmobilers take a break amidst a narrow trail lined with snow-covered trees.

Sledders across Saskatchewan say that Hudson Bay is the best place to play.
Photo courtesy Rick Dolezsar

Where can I get a trail pass?

Saskatchewan residents simply need to plate their sleds at the local Saskatchewan Government Insurance office and the trail fee is included as part of the package.

Out of province sledders need to ensure their sleds are registered in their home jurisdiction and carry liability insurance to be legal. There currently is no trail pass fee for out of province riders, provided they meet the above criteria. Donations to the trail system are often received from out of province riders because of this.

What kind of groomer does the Hudson Bay Trail Riders snowmobile club have?

Three groomers

2014 John Deere 6125 with Gilbert rubber track system and 10’ x 18’ Gilbert drag
2011 John Deere 7330 with Soucy Track kit and 10’ x 18’ Mogul Master drag
2010 Prinoth Trooper and drag

A drag smooths snow along a snowmobile trail.

The Hudson Bay Trail Blazers maintain 670 kilometres of snowmobile trails.
Photo courtesy Rick Dolezsar

Are there any cabins or warm-up shelters in the area. What are they like?

There are 11 modern warm up shelters strategically placed throughout the trail system.

When and where do the Hudson Bay Trail Riders have their club meetings?

Usually the first Wednesday of the month at the town office.

How does someone join the Hudson Bay Trail Riders club?

Buy a $20 membership from Karen, purchase one at the local Polaris dealer, or come to a meeting.

What year was the club started?


On average, how many members are in the club?

50 single or family memberships is a typical year. There’s room for more.

Who is the club president?

Currently Nolan Dalpe

If people want more information about the club or the area, who can they contact?

Make a request on the Hudson Bay Trail Riders Facebook page or contact:

Nolan Dalpe, President: 306-865-9022

Karen Dolezsar, club secretary: 306-865-6426 – [email protected]


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