Sledders across Saskatchewan say Hudson Bay is the best place to play


There’s a lot to like about riding in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. Consistent quality trails, variety of terrain, new and inviting warm-up shelters and the ability to ride right from your accommodations to anywhere in town are just a handful of the numerous reasons to head to Hudson Bay. The massive 670-kilometre trail system is set within four million acres of provincial forest that boasts a whopping 11 well kept warm-up shelters means you can stay comfy without ever having to ride the same trails or areas over and over. Add in a welcoming snowmobile community and you’ve got yourself an ideal sledding destination. It’s no wonder that Hudson Bay has been declared SnoRiders’ SledTown ShowDown Provincial Champions for Saskatchewan for two years in a row, and their third victory overall since the contest began in 2015.

“We’re very appreciative of the support we’ve received from sledders across Saskatchewan,” said Rick Dolezsar, director of the Hudson Bay Trail Riders. “We have a hard-working volunteer group with a lot of pride in the results of their efforts and the services their community is able to provide. Winning the 2020 SledTown ShowDown Provincial Championship felt rewarding for club members who have continued to improve the trail system for the last 30 years.”

A plume of white smoke puffs up from a snowmobile as it makes its way down a hill.

Hudson Bay has a massive 670-kilometre trail system that is set within four million acres of provincial forest.
Photo courtesy Rick Dolezsar

To gather the additional support needed to become provincial champs, the Trail Riders got the word out on their Facebook page as well as the town’s website and Facebook page. Then they emailed their membership list to share the voting link on SnoRiders with their friends and associates. They also made announcements in the local school and promoted the contest over their community FM radio station.

“This community is snowmobile friendly,” said Dolezsar. “It’s legal to ride anywhere in town. With our large trail system, you can pick a different destination every day of the week. We’re user-friendly for families and older folks who are no longer just looking for the steep and the deep.”

Two tractors in front of a warm-up shelter.

The Hudson Bay Trailblazers maintain their trails with a 2014 John Deere 6125 with Gilbert rubber track system and 10’ x 18’ Gilbert drag along with a 2011 John Deere 7330 with Soucy Track kit and 10’ x 18’ Mogul Master drag.
Photo courtesy Rick Dolezsar

Ready to go sledding in Saskatchewan’s three-time SledTown ShowDown Provincial Championship-winning destination?

Take a look at the Hudson Bay Trail Riders Club Profile to find out more.


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